Conference on the typology of complex predicates

On November 14-16 2022 Mainz (the Department of English and Linguistics, Johannes Gutenberg-University) hosts an international conference dealing with the typology of Complex Predicates. It is part of a German-French (DFG-ANR) collaborative project ( led by Martine Vanhove (CNRS–LLACAN) and Alexandre François (CNRS–LATTICE) in France, and by Walter Bisang and Andrej Malchukov in Germany (both Johannes Gutenberg-University).

The conference will be attended by a number of prominent linguists, including Robert van Valin, Martin Haspelmath, Miriam Butt, Marianne Mithun and Denis Creissels among others, who will presenting talks on various aspects of the typology and theory of complex predication. The conference programme will be available shortly.