Teaching (in Linguistics & Social Anthropology)

  • Introduction to linguistics
  • Empirical research methods
  • Introduction to ethnolinguistics
  • Ethnolinguistics in Oceania
  • Language typology & language universals
  • Language contact
  • Pidgin and creole languages
  • Introduction to pragmatics
  • Pragmatics/sematics: Deixis
  • Sociolinguistics: Social deixis in Oceania
  • Text and discourse: polyphony and intertextuality
  • Introduction to Pacific languages
  • Austronesian languages
  • Language structures: Tongan
  • Introduction to Polynesian cultures
  • Cultures in Oceania: Tonga/Polynesia
  • Alphabetisation and social change in Polynesia
  • Museology: Tonga exhibition (joint project with the Museum for Social Anthropology in Heidelberg/Germany)