Symposium „Grammaticalization“

“Areal patterns of grammaticalization and cross-linguistic variation in grammaticalization scenarios”


Adelaar, Willem (Leiden University)Grammaticalization processes in Andean languages
Bisang, Walter (University of Mainz)Grammaticalization in East and mainland Southeast Asian language
Cennamo, Michela (University of Naples)Paths of grammaticalization in Romance voice systems
Creissels, Denis (University of Lyon)The grammaticalization of 'see' verbs as copulas in Mande languages
Estrada Fernández, Zarina (University of Sonora)Grammaticalization pathways in Uto-Aztecan languages spoken at the highlands of northwestern Mexico: A diachronic view of how intragenetic variation evolves
Gildea, Spike (University of Oregon & Collegium de Lyon)Grammaticalization patterns in the Cariban family
Heine, Bernd (University of Köln)Grammaticalization in Khoisan
Helmbrecht, Johannes (University of Regensburg)On the grammaticalization of some determiners in Hoocąk and other Siouan languages
Himmelmann, Nikolaus P. (University of Köln)Grammaticisation processes and reanalyses in Sulawesi languages
Hyman, Larry (University of California, Berkeley)Areal patterns of multiple argument marking in Bantoid: from Syntheticity to Analyticity
Jacques, Guillaume (CNRS)Grammaticalization pathways based on denominal derivations in Japhug Rgyalrong
Janhunen, Juha (University of Helsinki)On the grammaticalization of the parts of speech in Uralic in a general Eurasian context
Johanson, Lars (University of Mainz)Areal patterns in the grammaticalization of Turkic postverbial constructions as markers of actionality and viewpoint aspect
Korn, Agnes (University of Frankfurt) & Jahani, Carina (University of Uppsala)Grammaticalisation in the verb system in Iranian
Lehmann, Christian (University of Erfurt)Grammaticalization in Yucatec Maya
Majsak, Timur (Institute of Linguistics, Moscow)Grammaticalization in Lezgic languages (East Caucasian), with special reference to Agul
Malchukov, Andrej (University of Mainz)Verbalization and insubordination in Tungusic languages in an areal perspective
McGregor, William B. (University of AarhusGrammaticalisation patterns in Nyulnyulan languages
Michaelis, Susanne Maria & Haspelmath, Martin (MPI EVA, Leipzig)Grammaticalization in creole languages
Mithun, Marianne (University of California, Santa Barbara)Grammaticalization and Polysynthesis: Iroquoian
Montaut, Annie (Inalco, Paris)Grammaticalization in Hindi and its dialects. Verb, adpositions
Nübling, Damaris (University of Mainz)Grammaticalization in Germanic Languages: The future tense
Vajda, Edward (Western Washington University)Areal features in Yeniseian grammaticalization
Whitman, John (Cornell/NINJAL, Tokyo)The evolution of Japanese and Korean adnominal forms in areal context
Wiemer, Björn (University of Mainz)Slavic aspect: Its rise and inner-Slavic clines as a result of macro-areal diffusion?
Presentations/abstracts from the Symposium "Areal patterns of grammaticalization and cross-linguistic variation in grammaticalization scenarios"


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